US ‘Realpolitik’ and Middle East

By: Adeel Bashir

In 2015, a nuclear deal was signed between Iran, United Nations’ permanent members and the European Union, according to that (IAEA) had been allowed to officially visit Iran’s nuclear program. In an agreement, it was decided that the political or economic sanctions would not be applied on Iran. After becoming the President of the United States of America, Doland trump showed a negative concern about nuclear deal and expressed that US would not be a part of an agreement. In May 2018, United States withdrew from agreement and in August 2018, economic sanctions were imposed on Iran, while the European Union had declared the ambitions of sanctions are political, so that the trade of 689 m euros between Iran and the European Union could not be distressed. According to the EU’s official data, there has been a difference in trade in 2018 and it is getting reduced day by day.
According to the latest information, the administration of US has increased her military forces in the Middle East, the purpose is to increase a psychological pressure on Iran, in which aerial craft having capacity of at least forty or fifty jets (bombers) along 6,000 soldiers. The expected arrival of Abraham Lincoln ship in Middle East, also raised concerns that the US administration should make it clear, what is the purpose of the latest move. According to the US adviser of the National Security John Bolton, this progression is a response to Iran’s consistent threats, have been given to US and its allies of Middle East.
One of the key strategies in the history of US has been based on the basis of the ethical attributes of the ‘Real Politick’. It has been understood that China is doing an extensive business in the Middle East, it is becoming a threat to entire US and its allies. To save its interests, United States will make an advancement at everywhere on the basis of ‘Realpolitik’, where interests of the United States and its allies will be protected. The imports of Iran and China are $16.9 billion approximately, while exports are $18.4 billion, a solid example of saving interests of each other.
The cordial and strategic relationship of Tehran and Beijing is not less than a threat for US, might be an emerging alliance that could keep a foundation of a joint forum, based on common interests of regional neighbors in the Middle East. The US would like to make sense of being superpower through psychological pressure on Iran. Russia is also very important and became optimistic about any support to Iran. Russia and Iran, both placed their narrative, like in Syria war, opposed United States and its allies about ruthless acts against humanity. The strategy of US is to destabilize China while putting her in controversy with Iran, the purpose is to weaken China economically and save US interests in the Middle East. It can be said that it is a foremost desire of US, besides others.
Iran in parallel may give a threat to US and its friends by closing the ‘Strait of Harmoz’, just to increase a psychological pressure, because it contains forty percent of oil passes through this course. Latest example, in which oil tankers of Saudi Arabia has been destroyed near ‘Strait of Harmoz’. The US and its allies have accused Iran for such act, while Iran has described this action as a conspiracy to create a communication barrier with other countries, I think it is a message of those forces may work through propaganda, that this region is important economically now and war is imminent.
In such circumstances, what would be the foreign policy of Pakistan, it can be gauged by the statement of External Affairs’ Minister, Mr. Shah Mahmood Qureshi and the spokesperson of foreign office Mr. Faisal, in which a gesture was given to take steps by considering the whole matter in future. It can be understood that in past, the policies of Pakistan were not based on humanity, more than a concept of ‘Realpolitik’ was owned. The realistic approach appeals that the diplomacy of Pakistan should be a unique one, having features base on power politics. Pakistan should not always suffer by any blackmailing that involves sending back our workforce from the Middle East. An economic stability may also requires the alteration of the policies of past, but with literature and respect. In the latest game of instability between Washington and Tehran, Pakistan should play a role in fulfilling the desire for a regional peace and prosperity, instead of waiting of China and Russia’s stance. Actually it was necessary for US to get aside from Iran Nuclear deal, so that US could exercise her power of “`hegemony in Middle East to counter China.

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