Shaikh can present budget or not, issue discussed among government circles

Islamabad: Prime Minister’s Adviser on Finance, Dr Abdul Hafeez Shaikh would not be eligible to present the annual budget in the National Assembly, if he does not take oath as federal minister.

Sources said that government circles are continuously brain storming on the issue, although the post of adviser is constitutional, yet he can only discharge day-to-day ministerial affairs and is not eligible to present budget for the next fiscal year and chair high-powered NFC meeting under article 91 (9) of the Constitution of Pakistan.
Government had also sought the version of Ministry of Law on the issue, according to which, only a minister who has taken the oath can present the budget.
A number of options are under consideration, Minster of State for Finance, Hamad Azhar can also present the budget or government can give a technocrat senate seat to Hafeez Shaikh, so he can take oath as minister.

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