Sacrifices of Punjab police must be honored: Raja Basharat

Lahore: The Minister for Law, Parliamentary Affairs and Local Government Raja Basharat has said that a Police constable performs duties often round the clock putting his life in danger as the Police employees were targeted by the terrorists at Data Derbar last month.

He was speaking on the law and order situation in the province during the budget session in Punjab Assembly on Friday. He said that those policemen who lost their lives during protecting the lives of others must be honoured properly. He stressed that the positive behavior of a government creates positive attitude among the police. Raja Basharat while criticizing politicization of police by the former government said “Usman Buzdar keeps neither any ‘Boxer’ to kill the innocent citizens in fake police encounters neither any ‘Bomb’ to grab the precious properties of the helpless people. That is because we have neither such intention nor policy to victimize the opponents through a politicized police. It is fact that most of the children were abused during the period when N- League remains in power in Punjab. On the other hand, we believe that the government may be sole responsible for the protection of life of each citizen of the province which we are fulfilling honestly.” Raja Basharat suggested that the house must pass a resolution for the victims of Model Town incident to get prompt relief. He said, “Present government faced an unpleasant incident at Sahiwal but realizing our responsibility, we responded immediately in accordance with the law and satisfied the aggrieved families thereafter. We have no example of brutality inflicted on minorities which occurred during last government but we are trying that the victims must get justice.” The Punjab Minister for Law further told that multiple committees on provincial as well as federal level were working on police reforms and the nation would hear something positive on it soon. He again severely criticized the N-League government for not making recruitment on 22000 vacancies of Police department. He regretted that the former government also destroyed a remarkable institution of Patrolling Police which maintained law and order on roads efficiently across the province.

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