Rich tribute pays to Pak Army and police martyrs

An overseas Pakistani Chaudhry Suhail Iqbal Chishti organizes Quran Khawani

By Main Waqas Zaheer

Lahore: An overseas Pakistani Chaudhry Suhail Iqbal Chishti have organized ‘’Quran Khawani’’ event to pay tribute to Pak Army and police martyrs by and protecting the country.

Ceremony was held in resident of Suhail Iqbal Chishti at Kot Shahabudin, Shadara, Lahore. Families of martyrs participated in the events to commemorate their sacrifices. The ceremony was attended by the political, social, media personals and large number of civil society members also collaborated. Captain Raja Farhan Ali Shaheed, Lt Pak navy Yasir Abbasi, Major Adil Sharif Shaheed, Major Sajjad Haider Shaheed, Deputy Superintendent Rangers Mohammad Hanif Khan Shaheed, Sub Inspector Lahore Police, Muhammad Mushtaq Shaheed families were participat in the ceremony.

Talking to media Lieutenant Syed Yasir Abbas ‘s father Colonel Jaffar and mother said ,Yasir was born in 1986. An aeronautical engineer in the Pakistan Navy, and an Officer on Duty at PNS Mehran on the day of Mehran Attack, he attained Shahadat at the age of 24. He was the first martyred of the PNS Mehran attack on May 22, 2011. He was the first to lead the Rapid Response Squad consisting of Marines, in the fight against militants.

During the gun-battle with the terrorists, Lt Yasir Abbas received three bullets to his chest prior to death. He has held three commands; 222nd Squadron Iron Claw, Naval Rapid Response Squadron, 5th Team, Pakistan Navy SEALs. When trying to save one of the planes, the terrorists fired right at him and he received his first bullet in his chest but that didn’t lower his spirits and he kept firing at the enemy. He killed another terrorist after which he got shot for the second time in his chest.

He fought like a lion even when everyone else was lying down. Unfortunately, after the third bullet in his chest, Yasir fell in the arms of a fellow team member still conscious but too hurt to stand. Talking on this occasion Suhail Chisti said, i am overseas Pakistani but my hearty fears with Pakistan and the nation.

He also paid rich tribute to the martyrs for their sacrifices in defending the motherland and assured their families that every possible step will be taken for their welfare. “Pakistan believes in peaceful coexistence and wants to promote mutual cooperation with the world, he added. I also announced financial support in future these martyrs families and I hope every Pakistani will be part of the campaign ‘We Love Pakistan’ reaching out to their families, home, street, mohalla, village, city, province and place of Martyrdom. Addressing the ceremony, Chishti said that our forces and nation have rendered sacrifices in the war against terrorism, Our houses, schools and leaders were attacked. Efforts were made to weaken us internally, he added. Noting that more than 76,000 Pakistanis were martyred and injured in this war, He said that enlightened nations do not forget their martyrs.

According to my personal skills, I shall be counties financial supported in future. In end of the ceremony giving shields to all martyrs families and Mufti Ramzan Sialvi prayer for martyrs peace in heaven.

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