PTI Government Will materialize the dream of a new Pakistan: Usman Buzdar

LAHORE:  Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar has said that opposition parties have no agenda and they are trying to hoodwink the people through their criticism for the sake of criticism. They should realize that the elements rejected by the people have lost their credibility nor have they any political future. The opposition should fully realize that people cannot be befooled through lies.

In a statement issued here on Monday, the Chief Minister said that corruption remained at its peak during the tenure of previous rulers and the national resources were wasted mercilessly on wrong projects. The previous rulers prioritized their personal interests instead of giving preference to the interest of the country. However, there is no room for any corruption or corrupt elements in the new Pakistan. He said that the foundation of the new Pakistan has been laid under the leadership of Prime Minister and added that people are fully aware of the loot and plunder made in the previous tenures. The former rulers are reaping today what they had sown earlier, he said. Those who enjoyed at the expense of the public money could not be the leaders and if the foreign loans would have been used correctly, the state of affairs would have been different today. He said that the government is working with full commitment and passion to save the country from difficult circumstances. The PTI government is fully focused on the provision of necessary facilities of life to the people and unprecedented steps have been taken for the welfare of the people. We are bringing improvements in the lives of the people by working day and night, he added. He said the country is moving forward in the right direction and a new example has been set by introducing holistic reforms in a short span of time. The Chief Minister reiterated that the PTI government will materialize the dream of a new Pakistan as it has come into power with the agenda of public service. There is nothing important than the public welfare, he added. He regretted that the past governments ignored the genuine problems of the people and added that they are also responsible for the deteriorating economic conditions. The Prime Minister and his team have taken solid steps to improve the economy. We are in the right direction and our intention is right, he added. The decisions made for the betterment of the country have started yielding positive results and targets will be achieved through the implementation of public welfare programs. The journey of public service will not halt and will remain ever continued, the Chief Minister concluded.



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