“Passion first and then business”

The story of Fitness 360 has been one of strong growth step by step. But COO Naresh Moolchandani makes it clear that growth only for business’ sake has never been on the agenda. “Fitness for us is passion first and then business,” says the gym’s tagline and Moolchandani swears by it.
We have a lot more concepts compared to the past, such as group classes, short high-intensity workouts and CrossFit.

  • Naresh Moolchandani, COO, Fitness 360
    “The fitness industry has changed in 100 different ways,” says Moolchandani. “In 2008 people knew about fitness, but had many misconceptions. They thought doing a little bit of weights and cardio is fitness. I believe fitness has three aspects — psychological, behavioural, and physical — which deliver overall results.”
    Moolchandani explains that people today have become more cautious, so has the approach towards fitness. “Now it’s easy for people to lose weight just by eating well,” he says. “We have a lot more concepts compared to the past, such as group classes, short high-intensity workouts and CrossFit.”
    Fitness 360’s approach towards members is very simple — to change their mindset and make them believe in themselves. “We try to create a belief by making them see the progress,” says Moolchandani. “When you look good you feel good no matter what state of mind you are in.”
    When the fitness market gets saturated it becomes challenging to retain members, but Fitness 360 has that in control. “It’s possible when you have good customer service,” says Moolchandani. “We encourage feedback and suggestions on what people have seen at other clubs and want it in Fitness 360. Looking after my members’ requirements makes me stand apart from the others.”
    Fitness 360 is up to date with all the latest equipment, but Moolchandani believes it’s just one part. “What’s important is utilising the machines in different ways,” he says. “My best equipment is the expert staff and trainers I have. They make all the difference.”
    Tough market conditions aside, keeping members active is another challenge, especially in the UAE. “Getting them to work out five days a week is not easy,” says Moolchandani. “They show enthusiasm on the first four days and then want to give up. You can stay motivated when you see results so I ask people to give me a chance to train them for a month.”
    So where does Fitness 360 go from here? “We want to be a solution to every problem,” says Moolchandani. “We want to be an overall 360-degree package, whether it’s nutrition, training or meditation.”

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