Non-functioning of Police and Revenue

Hashim ABRO

Like many other governmental organizations, the officers of Revenue and Police departments are recruited for public service, but they do not bother to deliver any service for the people. They always behave as their “masters” and they simply act as Nokars (servants) of the chosen few- Those in the corridors of power and politics, feudal lords, pirs and local politicians.
I personally know that many officers from the said provincial departments are neither less competent nor less moral than civil servants elsewhere, but they are forced to prove their incompetence and behave amorally and immorally. As a result, morale and discipline in these departments remain very low, and unethical conduct in ways of bribery and corruption are on the rise.
The effective functioning of the public sector, in particular, the revenue and police departments, among others, is crucial for both for economic growth and the rule of law, but unfortunately both these departments have gained notoriety for their departmental inefficiency, organized corruption, and delinquent rule of law.
Virtually non-functioning of both revenue and police departments in the country with a special focus in the province of Sindh has resulted in a fragile state, lawlessness, chaos and reduced trust and confidence of people in the government(s).
If the key interventions such as enhancing staff skills, improvement of management systems and structures, restoring incentives and improving pay and improving the work environment for the revenue and police officers, among other reformative steps like, are launched for both these departments then things will definitely improve. It is believed that more than 80 percent revenue and civil cases and around 80-90 percent criminal cases will be addressed instantly at Taluka OR District level or even at the local council level and the justice seekers would not be feeling the need to knock at the doors of courts of justice.
Therefore, the need of the hour is to improve effective functioning of revenue and police departments, simply, increasing the number of judges and courts will not serve the purpose of inexpensive and expeditious justice at the doorstep.’

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