NAB contradicts reports about giving interview by chairman NAB to columnist

ISLAMABAD: NAB has once again contradicted the reports on giving interview by chairman NAB  to  columnist . In a statement issued here NAB has said that chairman NAB Justice (Retd)  Javed Iqbal  has not given any interview to any columnist.

The statement  added that what results the columnist deduced about some persons or cases were not based on facts. NAB believes in  launching investigation against corrupt elements as per law and constitution. Only the competent  court is authorized to give decision on the reference which is filed by NAB. The facts allegedly  were presented in the learned courts out of context.

The statement said that columnist has accepted that chairman NAB has given no interview. Chairman NAB believes in ensuring self respect of the politicians as per law.

Chairman NAB remained part of  learned judiciary for over 35 years. Chairman NAB even can not think of saying such thing about any court.

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