MQM-P lost value by splitting

Muzammil Ferozi

Muttahida Qaumi Movement Pakistan (MQM-P) faces internal challenges, the political party, which is considerably the educated is being divided into several fractions.
Now, there is a group of silent rebellion created due to not being well acquainted with current leadership, and instead of some old ideological leaders, the MQM-P is hypnotized by some malicious. It is causing workers to take a long distance from who are unaware.
According to the source, due to Mustafa Kamal, Farooq Sattar, MQM-P has lost its grip on position and among the public. Hence the two leaders would have been with them, this situation would not have been now.
According to the party’s internal sources, because of disappointment from the MQM-P, land acquisition including close people in civil war, MQM-P has lost its influence due to the worst performance in the city. Apart from this, the party seems to possess criminal elements, is not able to get rid of the matters.
MQM-P also did nepotism to hire its relative to appoint them in municipal contracts and many of them were involved in occupying the plots. To rid of the matters, MQM-P now is doing politics on the name of ‘MUHAJIRS’.
Seeing that the leaders, disadvantages are being here based on financial status and effect rather than thinking of people.
The sources revealed that silent rebellion leaders and ideological workers of MQM-P are leading. It is therefore, the party is still being controlled who have ill wills for MQM-P and the party is being defamed.
The sources further revealed that the purpose of Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui to contest election to be busy in ministry, in actual fact he is supervising the party, but the party is being controlled by others that is why ordinary workers are not satisfied with the party, and they are looking for the old ideological leaders.
But MQM-P’s Amir Khan resented on the Khalid Maqbool due to his less interest in developing the followers and the ideology of the party. On the one hand he is not observed doing such activity, and on the other hand he is thinking to keep his minister till the dissolving the assembly.
However, the political guru analyzed that no political party still has suffered the internal fight rather than MQM-P. Thus MQM-P seems to have dark future.

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