Money laundering stories of past rulers are coming to surface: Sumsam Bukhari

LAHORE: Information Minister Punjab Syed Sumsam Ali Bukhari has said that opposition is raising outcry in order to divert attention from their corruption cases. Prime Minister Imran Khan’s announcement to stand steadfast against corruption is commendable, added Sumsam Ali Bukhari. He said this in a statement issued here today that it is the dire need to constitute a commission in Punjab for ten years. PML-N indulged in high-handed policies during its tenure only and did nothing in Punjab for its uplift. Sumsam Bukhari said that we will bring to light all fake companies and paper projects before the public. He said that havoc has been played with the people of Punjab for the last ten years. Money laundering stories of past rulers are coming to surface, added Information Minister. Opposition parties want to safeguard their interests under the garb of budget. People are fully aware that how much PML-N and PPP feel the pain of their agony. He further said that those ruining the economy should not pose their innocence. Prime Minister Imran Khan is adopting policies in order to achieve far-reaching results for the progress and prosperity of Pakistan, added Sumsam Bukhari. Those who filled up their coffers by ill-gotten money will have to return each and every single penny and PTI will not relent unless consigning the corrupt elements to their logical end, concluded Information Minister Syed Sumsam Ali Bukhari.

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