Money Circulation and Economic Growth

By: Hashim ABRO

Indeed, money circulation is like Oxygen OR Water for Life. No Money circulation means, no socio-economic life of a nation.
As long as we used to have corrupt rulers in the country, there was money circulation in the society, but now we have non-corrupt in Naya Pakistan ( New Pakistan).
What is the state of money circulation in the country nowadays ? is there anyone’s guess?
The present Rulers must reflect upon this point before it is too late.
I vividly remember that when the incumbent adviser to Prime Minister on Finance Dr. Abdul Hafeez Shaikh was in the Central government of the PPP, it was he who with his enviable efforts continued circulation of money in the country and presented reasonable budgets.
In the province of SINDH during Musharraf regime when he was the finance minister, the Government of Sindh was in deep debt .It’s debt was soaring to astonishing level it was his economic and fiscal management who reversed the situation and Sindh was out of debt and its economy was put on the right track.

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