MOCCAE tours Dubai’s Al Hamriya Port

DUBAI: Dr. Thani bin Ahmed Al Zeyoudi, Minister of Climate Change and Environment, toured Al Hamriya Port in Dubai and reviewed the procedures for receiving, inspecting, and releasing inbound livestock consignments at the veterinary quarantine.

Sultan Alwan, Assistant Under-Secretary of the Regions Sector at the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, MOCCAE, and Adil Al Hashmi, Director of the Dubai Region at MOCCAE, accompanied Dr. Al Zeyoudi during the visit. The Ministry is currently conducting a series of inspections of ports, livestock markets, and abattoirs in the UAE to ensure their readiness for Eid al-Fitr celebrations.

During the tour, Dr. Al Zeyoudi said, “At MOCCAE, we consider food safety a top priority. Therefore, we are committed to ongoing monitoring and upgrades of all veterinary quarantines at the country’s ports to ensure compliance with the highest global standards throughout their operations.”

He added, “The Ministry has a comprehensive plan in place to meet the rising demand during seasons that witness a notable increase in inbound consignments to the UAE. The plan comprises deploying higher numbers of veterinary quarantine doctors and veterinary laboratory technicians as well as extending working hours to speed up procedures.”

The Minister emphasised MOCCAE’s keenness to protect animal food sources from epidemics and other contagious diseases that can spread to humans.

Veterinarians from the Ministry’s office at the port offered Dr. Al Zeyoudi an overview of the procedures in use at the veterinary quarantine. He also boarded one of the moored ships that carries livestock, where he met with the consignment owners and listened to their feedback on the consignment-handling processes at the port.

Dr. Al Zeyoudi applauded Al Hamriya Port management for the support it provides to MOCCAE employees, particularly veterinarians, to facilitate their work.

Since March 2019, Al Hamriya Port has received 51,000 inbound head of cattle, mostly originating from India.

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