Mahira Khan, Hamza Ali Abbasi, Jawad Ahmed seek justice for Farishta

As the nation mourns the death of minor girl Farishta whose body was recovered on Monday from the bushes in Islamabad, numerous people have stepped forth calling for justice for the deceased child.
After the death of the minor girl, social media users and celebrities stepped forward to seek justice for the child while demanding the killers and rapists who are still roaming free, be given their due sentences.
Acclaimed star Mahira Khan urged people to refrain from sharing graphic images of Farishta’s body on social media: “Sick to my stomach. Stop sharing graphic images of the poor child. For Gods sake! Twitter is there not a way to disable people from uploading such content online?”
Hamza Ali Abbasi turned to Twitter to seek justice for Farishta as well: “#JusticeForFarishta If we claim tht we derive our constitution from Quran, then demons like Zainab/Farishta’s rapists/murderers guilty of Fasaad fil Ardh should be killed in a “PAINFUL MANNER” (example Stoned to Death or crucifixion till death). May Allah help us all.”
Singer Jawad also tweeted: “I’m a citizen of the world & my homeland is Pakistan.I dwell in Lahore but I’m from all the provinces of Pakistan. My heart lives in KPK & FATA too.I demand #JusticeForFarishta just as I did for Zainab.Rape is inexcusable.Her pic makes my heart bleed.Arrest & punish the culprits.”
Hailing from the Mohmand tribal district, 10-year-old Farishta, daughter of Gul Nabi had gone missing on May 15 from outside her house in Shehzad Town, with four-day-old dead body getting recovered earlier this week.

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