Land allotment decision to farmers lauded

Policy has also been chalked out regarding temporary farming of land on lease basis and this policy was halted since 2016 and now it has been extended till 2020. Provincial Cabinet have also decided that the term of lease will be of three years instead of one year.

Lahore: Provincial Information and Culture Minister Mian Aslam Iqbal has said that Punjab Cabinet has taken a landmark decision to allot one lac 20 thousand and seven hundred land among the farmers in 30 districts of Punjab province under Land Lease Policy.

These uninhabited lands had been given to the farmers for farming purpose since a long period of time and farmers inhabited these lands by dint of putting their hard labour and now these lands will be allotted to them. Its mechanism has been framed and every District Collector has determined the value of land. Farmers will be allotted piece of land upto 12.5 acre. Comprehensive principle of state land disposal policy has also been approved.

Now practice of allotment of land on the basis of likes and dislikes has also been abolished. Discretionary powers of any Minister or officer have also been abolished and transparent mechanism has also been formulated in this regard which will thereby end litigation process. Revenue Department used to irritate common man regarding giving land on lease. But now common man has been ridden of this menace of Revenue Department in the light of this policy.

Policy has also been chalked out regarding temporary farming of land on lease basis and this policy was halted since 2016 and now it has been extended till 2020. Provincial Cabinet have also decided that the term of lease will be of three years instead of one year.

Lease holders can get their lease extended on payments of their outstanding dues. Provincial Minister expressed these views while stating in a press conference at DGPR office here today.

Provincial Minister said that provincial cabinet has granted approval of complete package in order to make up for the loss being incurred due to recent rains, storms and hail storms. 55 affected villages of 26 districts have been declared calamity-hit and Abiyana andMalia will also be exempted. Provincial Minister said that approval has been granted to restore freezed daily fix police allowance with the same percentage of year 2013. Punjab government while remaining confined to its limited resources has decided to enhance allowances of police keeping in view their sacrifices being laid down in the war against terrorism.

For officials of police force from grade 1 to 11 comprising one lac 85 thousand 248, Rs. 10 billion additional expenditure will be incurred annually on increasing their allowance. Rs. 208 Billion will be spent on increasing allowances of 22464 police officials ranging from grade 12 to grade 16. Rs. 0.26 billion will be spent on increasing allowances of more than one thousand police officers ranging from grade 17 to grade 22.

Approval has also been accorded to enhance the allowances of Secretariat staff. Provincial cabinet has also granted approval of tourism policy under which special privileges will be granted to private investors and the concerned ministry will frame a policy in this regard. Approval has also been given for nomination of board members of PHA Sialkot. Provincial Minister while giving his reply to the queries of media persons said that clear verdict of Lahore High Court is available regarding holding a procession on the Mall Road. Rallies and processions cannot be held on the Mall Road according to clear judgement of Lahore High Court. The real aim of opposition to hold protest is to conceal their corruption and their loot and plunder has come to light before the general public.

In reply to another question, the Provincial Minister said that no one is above the law may he/she be rich or poor. All prisoners should be equally treated according to the Jail Manual. If someone gets facility in jail after committing a crime then the justice system cannot run properly. Common prisoners should be treated in the same way as the special prisoner is treated in the prison. He said that in order to serve a political leader of one party about 20 doctors remain present in jail all the time. Justice system cannot run on the basis of discrimination making between rich or poor, cast, colour or creed. Law is equal for everyone and everyone should be treated equally. If the practice of serving someone with special food, giving special doctor and permission for special visitors, then Jail Manual should be changed altogether. Provincial Minister in reply to another question said that issuing production order is the special privilege of Speaker and government has nothing to do in this regard. Provincial Minister said that government has decided to fix the price of bread at Rs. 6 and Naan will be sold at Rs. 12/-. 20 kg flour bag will be available in the market at Rs. 770/-.

If someone ever tried to enhance the prices then law will come into action. He said that he will ensure the selling of prices of essential items at fixed rates and notification regarding price of sugar will be issued in coming three to four days. The Minister in reply to a question said that we have not framed those cases which opposition is confronting in NAB today, rather all such cases had been registered by PML-N and PPP in their respective tenures against each other.

Whosoever has plundered the national money will have to return its each and every penny at any cost, concluded Mian Aslam Iqbal.

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