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If you’ve been a member of Fitness First in the UAE you know that the brand values loyalty of its members. “Loyalty is a two-way street and we have to maintain and hone that,” says George Flooks, CEO, Fitness First Middle East. And the club delivers in more ways than
In the last five years, the fitness industry in the UAE has seen an explosion of different types of fitness concepts. What helped create this awareness is the great initiatives undertaken to get people active. “Fitness First, in particular, conducts events all the time to keep people active,” says Flooks.
The two things that really anchor Fitness First’s business is personal training and group exercise. “We have 65 different nationalities from across the globe working with us, which makes us significantly unique,” he says. “No matter what country you are from we have someone in our facility, whether it is group exercise or personal training, who will connect with you on a one-on-one level.”
The other plus is the experience the brand creates for its members with constant upgrades. “Experience is about how you feel when you come to the club and engage yourself with a personal trainer, or a group class, or even on your own,” says Flooks. “It is that feeling you want to repeat and it becomes your reason for coming back.”
Fitness First also puts in a lot of effort into bringing in the latest innovation. “There are many single concept boutique clubs or studios that charge a massive amount of money for an hour of workout,” says Flooks. “We can give you all of that under one roof for the best value proposition. Besides, we have 60 clubs in 50 locations across the Middle East, plus international access so wherever you go you have a club to go, offering a whole new level of convenience.”
The equipment at all Fitness First clubs is on par with global trends. It has swimming pools, tennis courts, squash courts, a number of exercise studios, and many more. “Members can come and use versatile types of equipment and have a short but effective workout,” says Flooks. “This keeps the enthusiasm levels very high as opposed to doing the same old mundane exercises.”
And where does he see Fitness First in the next 10 years? “I see us as the most admired brand in the Middle East,” says Flooks. “The possibility of taking 60 clubs to 100 in the next five years is right on target.”

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