Actor sarah khan views on item numbers in films

KARACHI: While Mehwish Hayat is defending her right to do item songs, actor Sarah Khan condemned.

The culture that prevails in the Pakistani film industry. Speaking to a local television channel on June 24, the Deewar-e-Shab actor shared her two cents on the matter.

The actor said that she has been offered many films but she could not wear revealing clothes which is why she refused to do item numbers. Khan further said that Pakistani films can still do wonders without any dance numbers.
“First of all, it is not at all necessary to have an item number in any film. I feel, for making a good film, all you need is good actors, a good director and a good script. I totally oppose people who think that a film cannot go on box office without any item number,”

she said. The actor also talked about how a woman is objectified in dance numbers which is not at all necessary.

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