Saif Ullah Khalid (Senior Journalist )

The filing of references against a Sindh high court and a Supreme Court judge ,namely Qazi Faez Esa has raised a lot of storm in the teacup. In the past ,some mainstream political parties, whose leaders are involved in mega corruption, have been raising questions about NAB by pointing out the there was no accountability of Judges and Generals .

Recent passing of verdict and sentencing of senior military officers is not only timely but also display a resolve by Pak Army to rid the system of corrupt officers who misuse authority or indulge in dirty game of money by selling state secrets. This practical display of Army has been very well received and has given a shut up call to those who were questioning NAB or across the board  accountability .

Filling if references against senior Judges also coincided with recent events . It may be appreciated that Supreme Judicial Council is an arm of accountability and is headed by none other than the Chief Justice .If a judge is referred to SJC for accountability ,there should be no eyebrows raised . The alleged charges relate to justice Qazi Faiz Esa’s offshore accounts and undeclared wealth ,although the case is to be decided by the honorable SCP, the hullabaloo being raised by some political parties for .If the charges against Qazi Faiz Esa are right then this judge does not deserves to sit on the seat of SCCP and decide about fate of high profile cases.

It may also be noted that Justice Qazi Faiz Esa was instrumental in shutting the Hudaybia case against the Sharif family and helped this corrupt family on technical ground rather then norms of justice. This aspect raises many questions , why Justice  Qazi Faiz Esa went out of the way to help known corrupt Mafioso ? Where were the liberals and lovers of democracy and justice when Sharifs were accommodated in broad daylight by stamping the seal of SCP on this important case of mega money laundering  ? How did justice Faiz Esa accumulate so much wealth and why he did not disclose it in his IT records ? Is this conduct of the so called honorable judge justified, especially when he is now sitting on the highest pedestal of justice ?

There is also a need to contrast the accountability process in Pakistan Army vs NAB and SCP ,mentioning the death sentence awarded to senior officers and 14 years RI to Lt General . This timely decision needs to be highlighted repeatedly , So that the common masses get a strong message . If Army could take senior most officers to task and award  exemplary punishment, why politicians ,judges and journalists should be any exception ?

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