12 million people are suffering from hepatitis in Pakistan

150,000 new cases are reported every Year Responsible parenthood can reduce the cases of hepatitis

Lahore (Health Reporter) As Pakistan was observing World Hepatitis Day on 28 July 2018, team EHAD arranged a seminar in their office to increase awareness and understanding about viral hepatitis. CEO of EHAD, Omer Aftab said that awareness is the key to eliminate hepatitis from Pakistan.

He told the attendants that viral hepatitis is one of the biggest health threats in Pakistan. 12 million people in Pakistan are suffering from hepatitis B or C, (deadliest among the group of hepatitis) and the numberis increasing by 150,000 every year. Pakistan has one of the highest prevalence of hepatitis.

He said almost 80 percent of people remain unaware of this disease after being infected just because of lack of awareness. Mother to child transmission, unsafe injections, medical equipment, contaminated food, water, beverages, use of dirty utensils, the transmission of contaminated blood and other body fluids, injecting drugs, sharing needles andinjury with blade or needleare different causes of this disease.

Talking about prevention, diagnosis and treatment he insisted that everyone should remain conscious about what he is eating, drinking and using. Most people develop habits in adolescence so it is a responsibility of parents and teachers to educate children that they must not use someone else’ toothbrush, razor blades, nail clippers or any item that might have blood on it – even if they can’t see it. Practising personal hygiene can reduce the menace and plays an important role in preventing the spread of hepatitis. He advised parents and teachers to inform their children about positive health, hygiene and staying fit and healthy and it will lay the foundation for life-long health and well-being.

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